Divine Support Care

Community Participation

Community Participation

At Divine Support Care, we are committed to providing our participants with a high-quality, person-centered approach to community participation. We work collaboratively with our participants and their families to ensure that their individual needs and goals are met, and we continuously seek feedback to improve our services and better serve our community.

We understand that every individual has unique interests and abilities, and we work closely with our participants to identify and develop opportunities that align with their goals and aspirations.

We believe that community participation is a crucial aspect of promoting a sense of belonging for individuals with disabilities. By participating in community activities, individuals can connect with others, build relationships, and feel a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Community Access: We provide support to help individuals with disabilities access community activities, including social events, recreational activities, and educational opportunities.

Skills Development: We offer skills development services to help individuals with disabilities develop the skills necessary to participate in community activities and achieve their goals.

Volunteer Support: Our professionals provide support for individuals with disabilities to participate in volunteering opportunities, including identifying suitable opportunities and providing assistance with the application process.

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